Hulelab is a technology company that places humans and their biology at the center. Hulelab researches how the human brain learns best and how technology can assist. Our goal is to create technologies that increase human learning potential.


We conduct research in the field of individual and group-level learning. Our focus is developing learning technology with the aim of significantly increasing individual learning outcomes. We work with businesses who are seeking to enhance their internal learning culture. Additionally, we provide workshops and lectures on how individuals can accelerate their learning process.


We are a growing group consisting of XX+ individuals who converge at the intersection of neurobiology, psychology, pedagogy, engineering, design, product development, business development, commercialisation and creative communication. We are a community-driven group that values diversity in a shared positive culture. Our goal as a group is to become the fastest learning team on the planet.


As a research and technology development company, we constantly operate at the forefront of what is achievable. We foster a collaborative culture where achieving exponential learning for Hulelab and all our members is our top priority.


An overview of our culture, values, and guiding principles. For the people in the team, and the people we team up with. For our newest employee, and our newest partner; everything you need to know about Hulelab can be found here.

Skroll til toppen

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” — Henry Ford

At Hulelab, we believe that learning is humanity’s greatest potential and gift. We aspire to create the best learning tools and technology ever made to help people learn faster. To achieve this, we’ve established an unusual employee culture focused on continuous improvement as a team. Our goal is to better serve our members – those who seek to learn quickly.

What makes Hulelab special is how much we:

  • Tackling challenges and embracing uncertainty 
  • Solving complex problems
  • Share information openly, broadly and deliberately
  • Communicate candidly and directly
  • Focus on faster learning 
  • Avoid rules

Our core philosophy is to be the fastest learning team on the planet and to work with talented people in highly creative and productive ways. We bring great people together as a dream team, while maintaining some process and structure as a growing business. Our people-first approach allows us to be flexible, creative and successful in everything we do.

Valued Behaviors

We believe a company’s actual values are shown by whom they hire, reward or let go. Below are the specific behaviors and skills we care about most. If these values describe you, and the people you want to work with, you’re likely to thrive at Hulelab.


  • You make wise decisions despite ambiguity
  • You use data to inform your intuition and choices
  • You look beyond symptoms to identify systemic issues
  • You spend our members’ money wisely
  • You make decisions mostly based on their long term, rather than near term, impact


  • You seek what is best for Hulelab, not yourself or your team
  • You are humble and open-minded about others’ great ideas
  • You make time to help colleagues across Hulelab succeed
  • You debate ideas openly, and help implement whatever decision is made even when you disagree


  • You make tough decisions without agonizing or long delay
  • You take informed risks and are open to possible failure
  • You question colleagues’ actions inconsistent with these behaviors
  • You are willing to be vulnerable, in search of truth and connection
  • You give and take feedback to and from colleagues at any level


  • You listen well and seek to understand before responding
  • You are calm in stressful situations
  • Your writing and thinking are concise and coherent
  • You adapt your communication style so you can work effectively with different people, including those who don’t share your native language or cultural norms


  • You work well with people of different backgrounds, identities, values and cultures
  • You are excited to help build diverse teams where everyone feels welcomed and respected
  • You recognize we all have biases and work to counteract them
  • You take action if someone is marginalizing a colleague
  • You treat everyone with respect regardless of their position at Hulelab


  • You exhibit and are known for candor and transparency
  • You only say things about colleagues that you are willing to share with them
  • You admit mistakes openly and share learnings widely
  • You always share relevant information internally, even when uncomfortable
  • You act with good intent and trust your colleagues to do the same


  • You care deeply about Hulelab‘s success
  • You inspire others with your drive for excellence
  • You are excited about your work
  • You are proud to help the world to learn
  • You are tenacious and optimistic


  • You develop new ideas that prove impactful
  • You look for every opportunity to reduce complexity and keep things simple
  • You challenge prevailing assumptions, and suggest better approaches
  • You are flexible and thrive in a constantly evolving organization


  • You learn rapidly and eagerly
  • You seek alternate perspectives to improve your ideas
  • You see patterns and connections that other people miss
  • You seek to understand members’ changing tastes and desires

Learning principles

  • We believe the learning potential of the human brain is underestimated
  • We believe the biggest advantage you can have in the future is to learn fast
  • We believe that asking good questions generates curiosity and requires people to think rather than repeating their knowledge.

Our purpose

Collect information about learning and facilitate the relevant knowledge to individuals via a personal learning tool.

Lower the barrier for learning by 

  • Presenting relevant information about human learning
  • Provide a structure to learning, before/during and after
  • Capture information of interest, encode memory and recall what you have learned
  • Measure learning efficiency, physiology (sleep, attention, physical activity) recall of memory.

Technology principles

  • We believe technology will help humans live a better life in the future
  • We believe technology will be a major factor in how we will learn in the future